Course: My First WordPress Website

Learn how to build a quality website. From initial idea to launch.

Would you like to create a website yourself? One that will not just compromise with a limited template, but will meet all your expectations? Maybe you’ve even tried, but after a while you’ve come to the realization that it’s not that easy.

Do you recognize yourself in this? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this course, we’ll walk through the entire web design process together, from buying a domain to setting up a cookie bar. So that you have a website exactly to your liking and can use your new skill again at any time.

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I'll see you live

You can start the course online or have a tutor come to you. But even online we will meet live, through the Butter platform, where the meeting is an experience. We have seen that this is how you will really get the most out of the course. We can adapt the pace of learning to you and all your questions will be answered straight away. So you won’t get stuck on anything.

This course is right for you if...

you are really interested in web creation or want to start out doing it professionally. It is not a piece of cake to build a website that is truly high quality and fully functional. It takes motivation and a willingness to trade a few nights of Netflix for studying. You will have homework to do in between lessons.

Still here? Great, this IS for you!:-) Don’t worry, you can do it. If you put in the work, you can confidently start your own web adventures at the end.

What Are We Gonna Cover?

If you create your own study group, order a course for your company or personal 1:1 mentoring, we can tailor the structure of the lessons to suit you.

Course Options

  • Group Online Course 400 € / course

    In a small group of up to 6 students; Course intensity: 1 session per week for 3 months (12 sessions in total)

  • Intensive Private Group Course upon request

    Online or offline for your corporate team or perhaps your own group of friends; Course intensity: negotiable

  • 1:1 online mentoring 100 € / hour

    If you want a fully individual approach and maximum progress; Course intensity: negotiable

The course will come with study materials and, in the case of online training, a recording. You can also contact us at any time during the course with any questions you may have.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular web creation platform that can do almost anything without programming thanks to a huge range of plugins (additional features). It offers a huge number of design templates, perfect technical background and quality security.

In addition, we will learn how to use WordPress together with Elementor Pro, which allows you to create a website using a simple drag & drop method.

Your Tutor

Web specialist Veronika Wenigová will guide you through the course. She put together her first website in between lectures at university and has since created dozens of websites. She is now passing on her experience with WordPress and will teach you how to create or manage your own website in the course. From the ground up and with empathy for beginner users!


Veronika Wenigová

This course is lectured by Veronika Wenigová, a web specialist


Build the Website You Dreamed Of

We will learn it nicely from the ground up, clearly and in detail.


Your New Website
in 7 Steps

GDPR, security, responsiveness… Don’t forget anything important that could cause you wrinkles later on.
Download a FREE web creation guide with clearly planned steps.

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